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May 2018 Kate's puppies

I'm sorry, but for the time being I'm not able to offer you to come here for training your sheepdog.






For clinics externaly send me a mail

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I'm expecting puppies about May 5th.


Kate - ISDS  DK/329440 Finn B Petersen and Cap - ISDS 00/330816 Eckhard Sievers (Germany)


Kate (born 2013 okt. 7th.) after Phil ISDS 301837 and Megan ISDS 278319


Cap (born 2013 Dec.  4th.) after Jim 00/316751 - Michael Shearer and Star 00/314364 - I.M. Brownlie

Kate is May 4th. been X-rayed.

The Vet and I found 5 Skulls, so if everythings proceed well 5 puppies will be born in a week's time.

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