Alpen Edda fødte d. 20/8-2021 8 hvalpe efter Maarfarm Moss

--  4 tævehvalpe og 4 hanhvalpe  --

Alpen Edda

Maarfarm Moss

Here you can see a short video of the 7 days old pups hier=>

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If you're interested in one of these pups after good working lines, please contact me.
NB: There is only one male left now.

Pedigree of the pups

Maarfarm Moss' father - Frauke Spengler's Cap - qualified for the German European Championship team 2021.

Moss' mother - Frauke Spengler's Kinloch Ace - also participated in the German European Championship team 2019, where she won her qualifying competition. Became 2017 No. 3 and 2020 No. 6 at the German Championships.

A generation further back is Pennant Williams' Sweep which in 2013 became No. 5 in its qualifying trial, and in 2007 became No. 5 at the Welsh Championships.

Another generation further back we have Pennant Williams' Dale, which in 2010 became number 5 at the Welsh Championships. We have Bobby Dalziel's Joe, who won both 2009 and 2011 and in 2012 became No. 3 at the Scottish Championships. In 2009, he became No. 9 at The Internationals.

We also have Andie Driscoll's Meg, who in 2012 became No. 2 at the Welsh Championships and in 2015 became No. 5 in her qualifying trial at the Welsh Championships.


Edda's grandfather - Mosse Magnusson's Jim - became No. 4 at the Scottish Championships in 2013 and No. 8 at The Internationals. In 2011, he also finished No. 4 at the Scottish Championships.


Edda's grandfather - Serge van der Zweep's Jim - became No. 3 at the 2012 Dutch Championships. Won the Dutch championship in 2011 and became No. 8 at the European Championships the same year. In 2009 he became No. 5 at the European Championships.

A generation further back, Jim's father - A. Gallager's Bill - became No. 5 at the World Trial in 2008 and Serge van der Zweep's Roy, who in 2005 became No. 2 in his qualifying trial at the European Championships. In 2002 he became No. 3 at the World Trial and No. 2 at the Dutch Championships.





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