(Regv. 1700/2011)


CRAIG came into the herd as a mating puppy, but as it appears from the pedigree he is completely out of his own lines.

From day one here in the house, Craig has acted like a small robust gentleman with a good dose of confidence

My first impression of him was a striking resemblance to his great-grandfather - my old Lad - when he was the same age

Craig has developed into a strongly built dog - exactly the type I prefer, as I think it minimizes the risk of injury to legs and joints.



Born 24. sept. 2011


At his first encounter with the sheep, Craig showed great confidence and tried in an impressive way to keep the sheep together.

These abilities subsequently developed through his training so strongly that I 3 days before he turned 2 years old took the chance and started him in a demanding class 3 competition with about 550 meters of retrieval and hidden sheep.

Craig completed the entire course with the exception of the single, where time ran out.



after Fan Regv. 1161/2007

and    Phil ISDS 301837


Subsequently, I started him for another 2 open competitions, where he in the last achieved a 4th place. Finally I started him at Nordic Nurseries, which was held over 2 days in Sweden. Here he achieved best OLF and best shed and achieved in total the 2nd place in the two passes combined - truly a promising career start.

Craig participated in the World Trials in the Netherlands in 2017, and will now in 2020 for the 6th time participate in the Continental Sheepdog Championship



Craig is both clinically and DNA tested CEA normal





Gammelbyvej 16

7182 Bredsten

DK Danmark



Email: finn@hyrdeskolen.dk

Phone: +4524658834




ISDS Member no. 4209