Since 1992 I've worked and trained sheepdogs.


On these pages I'll tell a little about my dogs.


They're all individuals, and are with respect to each treated and handled so.


I mostly prefer to keep to my own breeding lines, and am happy to see my lines are doing quite well both with me as with other handlers.


Strong and healthy working dogs with a good and stabile temperament and a good sheep sense are my favourites, and that's what I aim for.


For many years I also have trained other people and their dog. And have done clinics in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Czech Rep. and on the Faro Islands.


I've participated in sheepdog trials with my own dogs since 1993 in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.


For 25 years I continuously have been member of the Danish team for the Continental Championship and this year (2015) I have brought the fourth generation of our own breeding into the team.


For the World Trials I have qualified for the team 4 times - Achieving my best result with runing in the semifinals in 2008

As judged I have served sheepdog trials in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Czech Rep. and the Faro Islands.


Feel welcome to have a look around and read about my dogs.






Tofthøj Møllevej 55, Givskudlund,

7323 Give

DK Danmark



Email: finn@hyrdeskolen.dk

Phone: +4524658834




ISDS Member no. 4209