GAEL - ISDS FO/340416


GAEL can charm everyone. She has an open mind in meeting new things in life.

She was a happy and well-behaved little girl, so I have been very excited to see how she would develop.


Summer 2016:

The training is progressing quietly - I do not want to put too much pressure on her.

In every way, Gael has shown that she has a very natural balance, and can also handle longer outlets (250 m) with good width.


She adapts easily and has an easy time learning, but she needs to be treated carefully, sensibly and with less pressure than I have been used to with my other dogs.


Born Nov. 25th. - 2014


Hard pressure is not "her cup of tea" - but also not necessary if you can do a more intelligent and meaningful workout which I therefore try.


Gael had her debut in the spring of 2016 in a Kl 1 trial, where she ended up with a very satisfactory result - as the youngest dog she became No. 6 out of 15.


In 2017 for Danish Nursery, she performed the best run of the day (103 / 110p), but dived her second run. For Nordic Nursery she became best Danish dog.

Also in 2017, she became in Kl 3 no. 8 of 21 dogs at the national competition.




After (FO) NAP 279426 - Eydstein Jensen

and  Holly 286000 - H. Jensen



From 2018, she has participated in the Quali-Trials, and achieved team member 2019 and 2020


And by the way, she is no longer this little cute puppy. She has gained more self-awareness and is starting to get her own ideas about the execution of the work



Gael is both clinically and DNA tested CEA normal






Gammelbyvej 16

7182 Bredsten

DK Danmark



Email: finn@hyrdeskolen.dk

Phone: +4524658834




ISDS Member no. 4209