Kate - ISDS DK/329440


Kate has been a bit of a "sneezer" to train. She has never doubted that working with the sheep is her favorite occupation. Very determined just like his mother - Megan, and hard to keep distance to the sheep.


On the other hand, she has withstood all the pressure I have put on her and never given up.


She has attended a couple at. 1 and 2 competitions, but had actually been ready for class 3 for a while.



Født d. 7. okt. 2013


Due to Danish rules - where it is allowed to start with 3 dogs in qualifying competitions (had Bess, Megan and Craig), and the lack of other Kl 3 competitions - it is only now

in 2017, where Kate has started in Kl. 3 qualifying competitions

- and that with getting a nice 2nd place in the first competition.

Second performance at The 3rd stage was the Danish club championships

2017, finishing in an overall 3rd place.

She dropped out in the 2nd qualifying competition, but came back well in the 3rd competition by finishing in a 7th place, and was in team position.



efter Megan ISDS 278319

og Phil ISDS 301837


However, when Kate became pregnant on March 18, she was unable to qualify.
Due to pregnancy she also missed the 2020 season.


So she seems to have potential, and I'm glad I kept her, instead of having to end up with a trader who would judge her impossible to train


Kate is both clinically and DNA tested CEA normal


The video below is from her very early puppy time.





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