NAP - ISDS DK/360282


Nap was a charming lively little guy who I expected would develop in the right direction and hopefully should be part of the herd of good shepherd dogs.


He already showed great interest in the sheep as an 8-week-old puppy.


Født 11/5-2018


Now 2 years old, he has become a very self-confident young man - often hard to stop, but shows great potential.


He makes fine outruns and consciously and confidently drives the sheep and the sheep respect him without discussion.


efter Gael - ISDS FO/340416 - F.B. Petersen

og Craig - ISDS SE/335389 ROM - F.B Petersen



The videos below show Nap resp. 10 weeks old and 5 months old.

Pedigeree here

Rec. 14/05-2021

Rec. 16/03-2021

Rec. 28/10-2018

Rec. 23/07-2018



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