NAP - ISDS DK/360282


Nap was a charming little guy who has developed really well. He is now part of the team of good working dogs who do the work here on the farm.


He already showed great interest in the sheep as an 8-week-old puppy, and it has not diminished since.


Født 11/5-2018


Now 3 years old, he is very self-conscious - often hard to stop, as he is often so eager that he "forgets" to listen.


He makes fine outruns and confidently drives the sheep and the sheep respect him without discussion and he does not give up.


efter Gael - ISDS FO/340416 - F.B. Petersen

og Craig - ISDS SE/335389 ROM - F.B Petersen


The videos below show Nap from 5½ months old until now.

Pedigeree here

Rec. 14/05-2021

Rec. 16/03-2021

Rec. 28/10-2018

Rec. 23/07-2018



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