NELL - (ISDS 224851)


Nell was acquired on my first trip to Scotland in 1996.


I had visited David L Stewardson and seen his Int. Sup Winner Craig, and later I met Alister R Muldell at a Trial on the shores of Loch Lomond where I saw his NAN participate.


After lengthy negotiations, Alister R Muldell finally decided that I should buy NELL - a trade I have never regretted since.



Født d 14. Februar 1996


As just 7 months old, NELL won the Danish Class 1 championship, and with her natural instinct and feeling for the sheep, she was a dream to train with and handle in trials.


During her lifetime, she became a member of the Danish European Championship team several times, and participated in several major international trials in Europe.



efter Craig (ISDS 188252) David L Stewardson (Int. Sup. winner 1995)

og Nan (ISDS 196461) Alister R Mundell



Nell died much too early just 8 years old.


In 2001, NELL gave birth to my ROY


Nell was clinically tested CEA normal





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