SPOT - ISDS DK/329438


SPOT is Kate's litter brother, but a completely different type. He has long been a kind of "Black Horse".


He has been around for a long time to develop in training. He has always wanted work, but his understanding of cooperation and precision was not his strong suit. The work, in his opinion, just needed to be done quickly and efficiently.

Still, I kept SPOT, because he can move sheep - many sheep, and from an early age, he showed great talent for keeping sheep. Both important things when we talk about a working dog.



Født 7. okt. 2013


In competitions, I have started him a few times at 2am where he has a few winning places on the account.


The future should show that it was the work he was best at.

So in November 2018, Spot came to Germany for a herd of 1500 ewes, where he had to be tested to see if he would be a good working dog.


efter Megan ISDS 278319 - F.B. Petersen

og Phil ISDS 301837


After showing his abilities there, Spot has been bought by another German sheep farmer with a herd of approx. 2000 ewes.


He carries many of his abilities on from his father Phil and grandfather Roy.



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