TAFF - ISDS DK/374790


Taff was the puppy I chose from the litter, and which I hope will develop in the right direction and hopefully should be part of the herd of good shepherd dogs.


As a 10-week-old puppy, he is already very interested in the sheep.


Born 26/9-2020


He is still only a puppy, and is allowed to play whatever he wants. The training has not yet begun, except that he must learn good manners. In addition, the adult dogs in the pack are good trainers.

after Kate - ISDS  DK/329440 (Finn B Petersen)

and Rysvallarens Ole - ISDS SE/365270  (Gabi Lindemann)



The video below shows Taff 10 weeks old.



Gammelbyvej 16

7182 Bredsten

DK Danmark



Email: finn@hyrdeskolen.dk

Phone: +4524658834




ISDS Member no. 4209